Tips to buy sports car

Buying a car is not an easy task. It involves a lot of headache and when it comes for sport car the no way. Unlike other cars sport cars have their own reputation. So buying sports car is a little bit tedious job as compared to normal cars.
Here are few guidelines which can help you to buy best sports car:

If you have any models in your mind then go through them completely in websites. Compare the rates, quality and other factors.

Go for a good and reputed dealership if you are not much skilled about sports car.

Once you have finished your research and finalized your car carefully go through its quality terms and conditions.  

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Astronauts sent to space station launches from Russia

A rocket was launched from Russia to space station there are 3 men is travelling in that rocket both from Russia they are also known as cosmonauts. Because the rocket is launching from Russia and the take off of the rocket is successful.
The names of astronauts who sent to the space station are Russia’s Oleg Novitskiy and evgeny Tarelkin and United States Kevin Ford. The time of rocket launch and the name of the space craft are TMA-06M spacecraft at the time of 10.51 GMT on Tuesday and Australian time at 9.51 pm from Russia’s the place of Baikonur cosmodrane in Kazakhstan. 
The Soyuz TMA-06M launched at the time of 2.51 pm the Moscow time the news will be reached to Russian space agency it is supposed by the surroundings of the Russia.

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