Crew unpacked the fresh fruit, opens Cygnus hatch

On Thursday morning 5:02 a.m, Commander Steve Swanson opened the hatch to Orbital Sciences Cygnus cargo vehicle, to begin unloading a half of science experiments, crew supplies, station hardware and even a bit of fresh food. Swanson joined Gerst to equalize the cabin pressure and the vestibule leading to Cygnus between the station and the cargo craft. NanoRacks module was the first item unloaded from Cygnus, it provides microgravity research with a low-cost and use of standardized "plug and play" modules.

“Just stunk my thumb into the skin of a fresh orange and the smell completely overwhelmed my senses. Didn’t know how much I missed real fruit.” shared these by Wiseman on twitter, when their unpacked a special treat aboard Cygnus-fresh fruit.

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