Keep Aircraft on Schedule - TSS

TSS means Terminal Sequencing and Spacing, developed by NASA to help NextGen a reality, and it delivered to the FAA on July 14 during public occasion in nation's capital. It is designed to help controllers who work as a part of TRACON (Terminal Radar Approach Control), which is doughnut shaped volume of sky that extends outward about 35 miles and begins 5 miles from the airport.

By using TSS, Controllers gives the appropriate direction to the aircraft like- to speed up, slow down, or maintain current speed. The goal for TSS is to control the speed of the continuously descending aircraft to safely merge together at a point in the sky where they can be handed off  to an airport for their final clearance and approach to land.

John Robinson is a chief engineer for the TSS development at NASA's Ames Research Center in California, given a statement about TSS "TSS gives controllers the strategic information they need so that downstream merge works out easier". With the help of TSS, works in aircraft is easier to the controllers.

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