Cygnus and Robonaut in the Space

On Wednesday at 6:36 a.m. EDT Cygnus was grappled in the space, as it flew within about 32 feet of the complex by the Steve Swanson. 57-foot Canadarm2 is controlled by Flight Engineer Alexander Gerst from robotics workstation inside the station's cupola. Wiseman helps his crewmates to capture and coordinate activities, orbital flying nearly 260 miles over northern Libya, at the time of capture. Canadarm 2 robotic arm helps to hold the Cygnus securely, the robotics officer at Mission Control in Houston remotely operated the arm to guide the cargo craft.

Flight Engineer Reid Wiseman monitored the Common Berthing Mechanism operations for first and second stage capture of the cargo ship, when the Cygnus in position, second stage captured at 8:36 a.m. EDT. After completing the captures, Wiseman removed the Center line Berthing Camera System. At afternoon Swanson spent his time on work, the installation of some upgrades for Robonaut 2 (the humanoid robot).
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Robonaut delivered to the station in May 2011 through STS-134 shuttle mission, including legs delivered to the station through SpaceX-3 cargo mission in April. He started his work on Wednesday to install new helmet pieces and replace Robonuat's shoulder and elbow covers, installing legs (It may take 2 additional days).

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