Hubble Equipment Being Processed

Work on space shuttle Atlantis' thermal protection system continued over the weekend in NASA Kennedy Space Center's Orbiter Processing Facility.

Three of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope's payload carriers, the Flight Support System, the Super Lightweight Interchangeable Carrier and the Orbital Replacement Unit Carrier were delivered to Kennedy's Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility and are now undergoing a highly sensitive cleaning process to prepare them for integration with the science payload.

At the end of July a fourth and final canister, the Multi-Use Lightweight Equipment carrier will join the others.

Repair of Launch Pad 39A's flame trench is right on schedule. All materials needed for the refurbishment have arrived and fireproofing begin this week with the application of Fondu Fyre, a heat resistant concrete developed during the Apollo space program.

The STS-125 flight is the final shuttle mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA astronauts will install new instruments, gyros, batteries and other components crucial to the telescope’s continued success through the year 2013.

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