Make Contact: Ask the Astronaut on Space Station a Question

Nasa Space Station Astronaut Greg Chamitoff, aboard the International Space Station 220 miles above Earth, is ready to take your questions. Here's your chance to hear direct from space station. Chamitoff's schedule will not allow him to answer many questions, but he will attempt to answer a few each week. To submit your question, post it as a comment below. Please include your name, age and location. Questions will be transmitted to Greg from Mission Control each week and his answers to a few of them will be available here.

Many past Space shuttle and Space station crews have answered questions from the web. You can take a look at those archives at

From those past missions and crews, here are a few hints that may make it more likely that your question is one that is answered:
  • Try to avoid asking a question that has been answered often on previous missions.
  • Normally the questions most often answered are those more specific to the current crew and mission.
  • Do your homework and review information about the station and current activities when you compose your question.

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