NASA Helps Students Blast Back to School

Start the school year off with NASA educational resourcesAs you get ready for the new school year, consider adding a little space to your class. NASA offers educational resources for use with kindergarten through college, as well as resources for the informal education community. Many of NASA's educational products are quick and easy to find on the NASA Web site. Here are some opportunities and resources to help kick off the new school year.

Click on a category below for a detailed list of NASA opportunities available to you and your students.

> Bring NASA Missions Into Your Classroom
> Bring NASA to Your School and Neighborhood
> Attend a NASA Educator Workshop
> Current Opportunities for Educators and Students
> NASA Resources for Your Classroom
> Especially for Students

Did You Know ...

Educators can search NASA downloadable educational materials online by subject, grade level and product type?
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Educators can receive e-mail messages about new NASA educational products, events and opportunities?
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NASA educational multimedia products may be ordered from the Central Operation of Resources for Educators? Visit the CORE Web site for a catalog of products and ordering information.
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NASA educational programming is available daily on NASA TV?
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An alphabetic list of NASA items of interest to educators is available for browsing?
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Students can play online games that explain each space shuttle mission?
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NASA launches a variety of vehicles from launch sites on both U.S. coasts? Viewers can follow NASA's launches via NASA TV. For a list of key launch dates:
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