NASA Celebrates Earth Science Week

Every day at NASA scientists study changes on our home planet, and a significant portion of that study focuses on changes in our oceans. To showcase some of that research, NASA is releasing six short videos in commemoration of Earth Science Week 2009. The videos highlight the connection between climate change and our oceans.

The theme of Earth Science Week (October 11 through 17) this year is "Understanding Climate." The six NASA videos complete a series called "Tides of Change," which all focus on the ocean-climate connection. Each video features a specific component of the connection, such as marine life or the water cycle.

Another highlight of NASA's Earth Science Week contributions is a live educational webcast on October 14 at 1 p.m., EDT. Classrooms around the country will participate in this live event that focuses on Earth science discoveries and careers. Two oceanographers will discuss their careers, illustrate NASA’s unique, space-based view of the oceans and answer participant questions. Watch the webcast here.

Climate Change and the Global OceanAlso part of NASA's offerings, the agency's Global Climate Change Web site will feature these videos and a 3D interactive, "Eyes on Earth." The downloadable Eyes on Earth application allows users to observe the paths of satellites that study our planet, learn about related missions and more.

Earth Science Week, organized by the American Geological Institute, encourages people everywhere to explore our planet and learn about geoscience fields.

Though Earth Science Week 2009 only lasts through October 17, At NASA every week is Earth science week, as scientists continue to learn about our changing planet and what drives those changes. A world of Earth science exploration is all at your fingertips and on-line from NASA's Earth Web site any day of the week.

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