3 Powerful X-class Solar Flares in 2 days

Solar flare actually refers to the eruption of energy in the sun’s surface. In simple terms, it is the sudden flash of brightness in the sun layer. The radiations from flare are actually harmful to humans. The safest part is that these radiations cannot pass through the earth surface. But still if the radiations are more intense then it may disturb the atmospheric layer where communication signals travel. 

Recently on June 10, 2014 three X-class solar flares has erupted in 2 days and the images were clearly captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. All the three flares have been emitted from the active region of the sun. 

The solar flares are represented as X1, X2. . X-class solar flare, X denotes the most intense flame and number denotes the strength of the flare. Higher number means more intense.
Forecasters are keeping a close eye on the Sun for more updates. 

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