Hubble's Next Discovery -- You Decide

Image for the "You Decide" Contest. It reads "Hubble's Next Discovery - You Decide"

Put yourself behind the controls of modern astronomy's most famous telescope. Be a part of history and join astronomy fans around the globe in casting a vote for the next object the Hubble Space Telescope will view. Choose from a selection of celestial views never seen before by Hubble, and earn a chance to enter a drawing for 100 copies of the winning picture.

To participate in the contest, go to HubbleSite's You Decide page. Vote by March 1, 2009.

Educators can visit Amazing Space for a classroom collage activity that engages students in the wonders of the universe.

This event is part of the worldwide International Year of Astronomy (IYA), celebrating the 400th anniversary of the astronomer Galileo directing his telescope toward the night sky. The winning image will be released during the IYA's 100 Hours of Astronomy, an event geared toward encouraging as many people as possible to experience the night sky.

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