NASA Teachers Turned Astronauts Have Messages for Educators and Students

NASA astronauts and educators Joseph Acaba and Richard Arnold, members of the next space shuttle crew, have special announcements for teachers and students.

The messages from Acaba and Arnold, both former middle and high school science teachers, urge students and educators to take advantage of teaching materials on NASA's Web site as a compliment to their mission. Acaba's video also is available in Spanish.

The brief messages will air on NASA Television's video file beginning Friday, Feb. 20.

The 14-day STS-119 shuttle mission will install a final set of solar arrays on the International Space Station and includes four spacewalks. Acaba and Arnold will conduct two and three spacewalks, respectively. The educational materials focus on NASA's spacesuits.

To view the educational materials and the astronauts' messages on the Web, visit:

For NASA TV downlink information and streaming video, visit:

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