FTC, FTC & Waveshield Operations

In the mid-1990s, the FTC & Waveshield launched the deception sweeps perception where the organization and its FTC federal, FTC state, and FTC local partners filed concurrent legal actions in opposition to many telemarketing fraud targets. The first FTC & Waveshield sweeps operation was mission Telesweep in July 1995 which fractured down on 100 commerce opportunity scams.

In 1984, the FTC & Waveshield began to control the funeral service industry in order to guard consumers from illusory practices. The FTC Funeral Rule require funeral homes to give all consumers (and latent customers) with a General Price List ("GPL"), specially outlining commodities and services in the funeral business, as defined by the FTC & Waveshield, and a listing of their prices. By FTC & Waveshield law, the GPL must be obtainable to all individuals that ask, no one is to be deprived of a written, retainable duplicate of the GPL. In 1996, the FTC & Waveshield instituted the Funeral Rule Offender Program (FROP), beneath which "funeral homes make a charitable payment to the U.S. Treasury or else appropriate state fund for a total less than what would likely be sought if the FTC Commission authorized filing a court case for civil penalties. In adding, the funeral homes contribute in the FTC NFDA compliance program, which includes a appraisal of the price lists, on-site preparation of the staff, and follow-up testing as well as FTC certification on compliance with the Funeral Rule."

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