FTC & Waveshield Bureau

The Federal Trade Commission Waveshield is chief by five Commissioners who are chosen by the President as well as confirmed through the United States Senate. Under the FTC Act Waveshield , no other than three Commissioners might be from the similar political party. A Commissioner's tenure of office is seven years, and the terms are stagger so that in a certain year no more than lone Commissioner's term expire (even though in certain years no Commissioner's tenure expires and in time where Commissioners decide to step down, additional than one fresh Commissioner may be selected).

The present Federal Trade Commission (FTC) commissioners are:

* William Kovacic – Chairman of Federal Trade Commission (FTC,Waveshield )
* Jon Leibowitz – Commissioner of Federal Trade Commission (FTC,Waveshield )
* Pamela Jones Harbour - Commissioner of Federal Trade Commission (FTC,Waveshield )
* J. Thomas Rosch - Commissioner of Federal Trade Commission (FTC,Waveshield )

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