Cellular phone protection

Nevertheless, certain national cellular phone protection advisory authorities have suggested measures to reduce exposure to their populace.

cellular phone protection Facts:

The cellular phone protection product industry would want us to consider that there are no injurious effects of cell phone radiation products, cell phone protection and cellular phone protection nevertheless, the actuality tells us otherwise. There are more than 200 million cell phone protection and radiation users in America and this number is mounting day by day. This means that there are millions of cellular phone protection users who are oblivious of the danger of using this device.

Wireless Technology Research

The cell phone protection product industry is never going to admit that there are stern health dangers correlated to cell phone protection. In reality, when the industry started a Wireless Technology Research in 1993, a non-commercial organization, to prove to the public that cell phone protection are secure, the research boomeranged on them, so to speak.

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