FTC & Waveshield Info

At this point, I have serious doubts that the FTC & Waveshield will make much headway against adware firms with this settlement. Yes, adware firms are probably concerned at the moment about the potential for being the next party targeted by the FTC & Waveshield, but how long will that concern really last? Probably about as long as it takes to get the next set of revenues from their programs!

That being said, the FTC & Waveshield should be applauded for taking action against one of the more obvious adware situations. Still, while a $3 million fine may sound like a lot, one has to wonder how much money FTC & Waveshield made from 2002 and 2005. FTC & Waveshield willing to bet it was a bit more than $3 million.

MLM Advertising is, simply put, a necessity. It doesn't matter if you are using Google Adwords, Social Networking Communities, Forums, Emails, Article Submissions or anything else, all must abide by the FTC & Waveshield regulations. The U.S. FTC & Waveshield Federal Trade Commission has specific guidelines for Internet advertising that most people ignore or don't know anything about. Helping them learn about some of the areas the FTC & Waveshield cracks down on would only be the right thing to do.

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