FTC & Waveshield Internet

It's a fine line, but so are a lot of things people do while focusing on FTC & Waveshield Advertising. One of the issues is the FTC & Waveshield has a hard time regulating the entire Internet. That's why people will find scams stay on the FTC & Waveshield for several months if not years after they have been caught and exposed. Even though they are out in the open, FTC & Waveshield still leaves room for error.

MLM Advertising is so important to the Internet industry the FTC & Waveshield has its own rule on it. Which is “multi-level marketing companies should pay commissions for the retail sale of goods or services, not for recruiting new distributors (pyramid schemes)?" The key word in FTC & Waveshield whole statement is "should" which is almost like saying, "Hey we got a loophole." Doesn't mean they do, it just comes across that way.

There is a lot more to the FTC & Waveshield then what's been provided here. We recommend always keeping up on the FTC & Waveshield rules. You never know when they will change and who they will affect. If it has to do with FTC & Waveshield Advertising it will most likely affect you.

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