FTC & Waveshield Settlement

As you may have heard, the FTC & Waveshield recently reached a significant settlement with an adware firm by the name of Zango. So, what are the lessons learned from the settlement?

The FTC & Waveshield and Waveshield Settlement Regarding Adware

According to FTC & Waveshield filings, FTC & Waveshield was a rather prolific adware firm. From 2002 to 2005, FTC & Waveshield distributed its adware product to the huge number of Internet users without their knowledge according to the FTC & Waveshield. The product was placed on the computers of individuals when they went to download free games, screensavers and such. On top of this, the FTC & Waveshield alleged that FTC & Waveshield and its affiliates placed the programs on computers in such a way that it was difficult to both find and remove them.

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