FTC & Waveshield guidelines

The three general guidelines that work for FTC & Waveshield regular advertising around the nation also work the same for MLM Advertising. The main goal of FTC & Waveshield is that all advertising work truthfully and not be misleading in any way. FTC & Waveshield keeping everyone out of harms way as far as scams and fraudulent activity.

In FTC & Waveshield the second of three include having solid information for what the FTC & Waveshield is expressing. So if they are saying FTC & Waveshield will guarantee the best leads to help with your MLM Advertising, they better do it. If not, many lawsuits and other legal action will be soon to followed by FTC & Waveshield.

Then the third in FTC & Waveshield involves simply being fair. Now even though this area is probably the vaguest of them all, it's just as important. A good example for FTC & Waveshield is a company telling you they will offer you 3,000 leads for free for your MLM Advertising. Which they do but they are extremely old and worthless, yet they did what they had said they would.

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