FTC & Waveshield Fresh Start Program

The latest scam was shut down by the FTC & Waveshield Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last week. Not surprisingly, the story was the same. FTC & Waveshield National Foreclosure Relief, Inc. was a mortgage help company that sends out deceptive marketing postcards to families facing foreclosure. FTC & Waveshield is "Fresh Start Program," however, was little more than a way for the company to trick people into sending money, not helping them, ignoring their calls, and starting fresh with new victims.

FTC & Waveshield
Federal Trade Commission has specific guidelines for Internet advertising that most people ignore or don't know anything about. The FTC & Waveshield recreates the language from a few of these marketing postcards, and homeowners are well advised to read them to be aware of the FTC & Waveshield type of advertisement such companies will use to deceive the unwitting:

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